Jewellery for Sentimental Reasons

Monday June 6, 2011 by realnet

Over the last four years the jewellery industry has noticed a growing trend in ‘sentimental’ jewellery. Jewellery that becomes something more than simply a beautiful object but instead a piece that has a story and a meaning that is personal to the individual wearing it.  A beautiful statement piece of silver jewellery is perfect from time to time but when we are treating ourselves to a small personal purchase every now and then, instead of reaching for the first ‘pretty’ thing we see, we are looking for something a little more personal or even to personalise.

The first thing that would spring to mind in that genre would obviously be the charm jewellery, jewellery completely based around the idea of personalisation. But this is not the only jewellery that can find meaning with the wearer. We get a lot of customers coming in asking for certain designs that mean something to their loved one. For example, a lady wanted an elephant in some form for her daughter who was going to India to work with the elephants. For her we found a beautiful filigree elephant pendant that didn’t cost much but still meant a lot as it was personal the them.

And recently, celebrities have been showing us how it’s done. Alexa Chung and Vanessa Hudgens, to name a few, have been spotted wearing pendants that are small and simple but with designs that often reflect emotion and hold a meaning. Vanessa has a pendant in the form of a feather, to which the meaning behind can be interpreted however the wearer finds most approriate to them, but, in general, it can mean Truth, Speed, Lightness, Flight and Ascension. Alexa is wearing a pendant that takes its inspiration from the traditional porcelain silhouette bust pendants but with the image of a skull on it instead. This is widely known as a symbol of death but is actually thought to represent change. More specifically, it represents a great change in life. Obviously, both these celebs could be wearing these pendants because they think they are pretty… but they can afford throw away jewellery. In a time when money is tight a lot of us are looking to buy jewellery that we can also put some meaning and personality behind.

Retail Jeweller recently posted an article on their website,, about the new trend of sentimental jewellery. It included this quote from the Astley Clarke creative director Lorna Watson: “Customers are searching for a sense of belonging and personal engagement that realigns with the original intimacy and values in jewellery,” she said. “There is an appreciation for beautiful craftsmanship and a desire to understand the story behind the jewellery - how, by who and where it was made. It’s going away from that mass consumer approach to shopping and the idea that fashion can be thrown away.”

We are continuously trying to make sure we have something to cater for this growing trend. Our brand ’Something Silver’ offers a variety of silver necklaces, silver bracelets and silver earrings that are made up of designs such as the butterfly, hummingbird and swallow, to name but a few, that people can create their own story behind.

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