Silver earrings – a history of.

Wednesday October 19, 2011 by realnet

11002105.jpgWhere silver earrings may be a relatively modern accessory, earrings certainly are not, this article, explores the history of earrings.

There is not a definite point in history that correlate to the first time an earring or indeed a pair of earrings was worn. Yet, it is fair to say that earrings have been in existence for between four and five thousand years. This article will explore the development of earrings in the Bronze Age to the multiple metals that are used today, including silver, to produce earrings. It is thought that in terms of region, the earring was believed to come from Asia, specifically India.

In 2002, during an archaeological excavation of a burial site a man was discovered from the Early Bronze Age – he was buried with weapons of war as well as a pair of earrings, made from gold. At the time of his burial, earrings were thought to be a protective talisman in some religious sects. Moreover, pirates wore gold hoop earrings to display their wealth. Earrings were also popular with soldiers, making them more prevalent among men than women at one time. 

During the first century, Roman upper class women were competing with each other by using earrings and ornate styles. As general rule, hierarchical women of the Roman Empire loved the attractiveness, sparkle and shine of jewellery and this is when gemstones were developed to be included in earrings. The use of precious and semi-precious stones in jewellery also increased their value as well as attractiveness.

In Elizabethan England, earrings were known as “ear-pickes”, were worn by both sexes. Women’s earrings were typically encrusted with jewels or pearls which fell from the earlobes. Men’s earrings on the other hand were of a simpler design and famous men of the era, such as Shakespeare and Sir Francis Drake wore one.

During the Victorian Era however, hats took over as the fashion accessory and so this made earrings impractical, during the day. During the evening however, drop earrings were a fashion must and the glitzier the better!  For formal social events, Queen Victoria herself favoured large drop earrings.

During the twentieth century, earrings developed and were produced in various materials including silver. Silver earrings have become very popular especially among young jewellery wearers. Moreover matching sets of, for example, silver earrings and silver necklaces have also become popular, especially as birthday and Christmas presents for women or girls. Something Elegant stocks an excellent range of silver jewellery, including silver earrings for women, men and children!



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