Classic and versatile jewellery ideas

Fri, 22/09/2017

So, we all know about the versatile pieces of the clothing world - think the little black dress or the smart-chic blouse.

These are looks that can be rolled out in a variety of settings and can be matched with different things for different effects. For example, a chic black dress could be worn simply with heels and tights for a party or with the addition of a cute cardigan for a more casual trip to dinner with friends.

Of course, classic and versatile pieces aren't just seen in the world of clothing, but in the world of jewellery, too.

In both instances, finding something versatile is often about choosing simple pieces that use classic colours.

These are items that will be a great addition to the jewellery box because of their ability to add to a wide range of outfits.


A classic silver or gold bangle is one example of wrist wear that will hardly ever be out of place.

Stunning precious metal pieces that use elegant and simple shapes - smooth and not too fussy - are often versatile and classic in look.

Silver is a lower key precious metal than gold, arguably helping it to blend in with a greater number of outfit types more easily. It can look subtle or become a statement in a dressy outfit.

Choosing a piece that is a simple hoop or semi-hoop, and is not adorned with a lot of decoration could also help keep a piece versatile.

Though such jewellery might not be able to convey personality in quite the same way as more decorative examples, its simplicity arguably helps keep them ready for a wider range of occasions.


When you're looking for the most versatile earrings around, studs may well be the way to go.

Drops aren't always as practical and may look more dressy than you want in certain scenarios. Having some simple studs in the jewellery box, though, means you'll have something to use for almost any occasion.

You can hardly get more gloriously simple than ball studs in silver or gold. Who doesn't have some of these in their collection?

Again, they will always look simple and restrained but can add to a variety of different outfits, completing a party look or adding extra glamour to jeans and a t-shirt as needed!

Other classics in the world of earrings are simple pearl studs, which create a similar impact and use one of jewellery's most desirable raw materials. And, it goes without saying, some glinting diamond or CZ studs in simple designs are also a great versatile jewellery box edition.

It's also worth noting that earrings are probably one of the most-worn types of jewellery. Even people who don't like to cover themselves in many pieces will often sport these, making them a good safe bet for lots of different events.


For a classic look, it's often a nice idea to add a necklace that matches or complements your earrings, after all, people will be seeing both in the same glance, so it pays not to clash!

Simple chains in gold or silver can make a great, low-key addition to a look, while pearls are perhaps a step more dressy, but can bring class to a jumper or a ballgown!

Other tips

We've focused on one or two types of pieces that are among the most versatile to wear, but that doesn't mean you can't use your own judgement to pick out other things you know will look good in a variety of settings.

As a general rule, designs like flowers or animals can add a lot of personality to a piece - but might sometimes make them a little less versatile.

Don't rule this sort of thing out altogether when looking for versatile options but remember that a more subtle use of something like a heart will add versatility to a piece more than a brash and bright interpretation.

And remember, the sorts of pieces that might be thought of as versatile are only one - albeit important - part of a jewellery box. Be experimental and try all kinds of jewellery, it's the best way to ensure you'll have the best piece to wear on any given day.

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Classic and versatile jewellery ideas