Lovely letters on Nomination charms

Fri, 23/06/2017

We sell a variety of types of lettering you can add to compatible Nomination bracelets to create words of your choice. It's one of the most customisable aspects of the bracelets because the word or words you use the letters for is totally down to you! You might even choose one no Nomination fan has used yet!

Gold lovers will adore these similar ranges of gold lettering which can be found in the 'Big' range and the 'Classic' line.

Also in the 'Big' charm range, check out these cubic zirconia decorated gold letters on stainless steel charms. Each letter has either three or four shimmering cubic zirconia pieces decorating it.

This 'Big' silvershine alphabet with cubic zirconia features similar lettering with an alternate colour scheme. You could easily mix letters from both this range and the 'Big' gold and cz letter range on a bracelet if you wanted to!

There are letters available in gold or silver on the smaller size Nomination charms that have a similar style, each with three cz pieces decorating them.

The letters in this 'Classic' range black enamel and gold set are in a wonderfully unusual, modern-looking typeface, featuring gaps in some of the letters, meanwhile.  

The same typeface is available in blue enamel and red enamel - again, you could alternate between the two when creating a word or phrase, and it would look great!

As well as making words with your charms - for example, the name of a loved one, your own name, the name of a pet or a place you like - you could use the letters to add your initials to a bracelet.

A short phrase you like, or a word that means a lot to you - 'achieve' could be an example - would be a nice way to use the letters, too.

Lovely letters on Nomination charms
Lovely letters on Nomination charms