Natural elements: The best gemstone embellishments this season

Tue, 06/05/2014

Jewellery this season is largely based on natural forms, with shapes taking inspiration from plants and animals. However, it isn't just about the look of your accessories being based upon natural elements as the embellishments used within jewellery throughout the summer are also from nature.

Gemstones and semi-precious stones are a big part of summer jewellery fashion and offer a touch of colour and sparkle that can be found within nature. They can be included in pieces that use flowing, natural shapes or be used to add a different touch of modern designs.

While there are a huge number of gems you can choose from right now, you still want to ensure you fit with the current colour trends. This means there are three types of gemstone that offer the perfect touch to any outfit.

Rose quartz

Pastel shades are in vogue right now and are set to be a huge part of summer fashion, and what better way to wear them than to choose a natural subtle shade? 

Rose quartz is a really gorgeous soft pink that can be worn alongside other pastel items or to contrast with harsher, darker shades. 

No matter what colours you wear it with, the stone has a really beautiful appearance that creates the illusion of an inner light. This means that the rose quartz jewellery always shines and looks stunning. 

This Silver Rose Quartz Drop Charm is the perfect way to add this stone to your look.

Blue topaz

For those that prefer the bolder look, blue topaz offers a great statement look that has plenty of sparkle. Although a cooler colour choice than pink, the stone is great for fans of the bright or neon trends of the season.  

These White Gold Earrings are set with diamonds and blue topaz in a modern style. The cut of the blue stones allows light to reflect in a really beautiful way, making them a great choice for those wanting a statement look.

Even though the shade of the stones is really quite bright, you can still get away with wearing the earrings with pastel outfits, making them a truly versatile piece of jewellery.


Almost smack bang in the middle of rose quartz and blue topaz is amethyst, which has a gorgeous purple tone. The shade of the stone can veer towards the warmer or cooler sides of the colour spectrum, meaning you can own two pieces that feature it as an embellishment that create totally different looks.

It works perfectly with both gold and silver metals and is a beautiful and feminine stone. It will fit with the majority of fashions this season, which means you can go for both subtle pieces - like this Sterling Silver Bangle - of go for more of a statement.