Find something in your price range

Thu, 05/02/2015

No matter how small your budget might be when it comes to buying Jewellery, we try to make sure we have something for every price range. We understand that people want something special and sturdy without the price tag so we always have items in which match what you are looking for.

Jewellery doesn't have to be expensive to be quality or beautiful. In fact alot of our cheaper priced items can look more expensive on than the ones that cost hundreds of pounds. People are always suprised of the quality of our silver jewellery, when it comes to purchasing the words "Is it really only that much" are used often; which we think is great! For us customer satisfaction is the most important thing, not how much we are charging for our jewellery. We price everything at what it should cost not what we think we can get away with.

We have selected six of our favourite items for under £25 which we are going to share with you, all are sterling silver and the quality is fantastic. We hope you enjoy!

1. Silver Feather Earrings - £14

We adore the detail on these feather earrings. With a frosted finish these earrings look really expensive in the ear. The earrings are light aswell, giving them a lovely movement when they are worn, imitating real feathers. With only a 4cm drop they are a fantastic size and look absolutely stunning on -

2. Silver Fresh Water Pearl Earrings - £12

A genuine pearl fitted onto a sterling silver post these earrings are remarkable value for money. With a creamy coloured fresh water pearl people often find it hard to believe these are only £12 -

3. Silver Diamond Cut Heart Bracelet - £20

This bracelet is a firm favourite amongst our customers. The hearts are diamond cut, meaning they sparkle in the light due to the finish on the hearts. Ther beauty of this bracelet is that it can fit any wrist. As the hearts are all linked together if you have small wrists you can simply link it on to any of the hearts giving you the perfect fit. This bracelet looks beautiful on the wrist and definitely looks more than £20! -

4. Silver Twist Bracelet - £20

This bracelet is our best seller, in fact a lady bought five of these at Christmas for her five grandaughters. Why? Because out of all of our £20-30 bracelets it looks the most expensive on the wrist. Intricately twisted the bracelet gives off a beautiful shine and sparkle when worn. It's delicate yet bold and is our go to when people ask what they can get for £20 -

5. Silver and Cubic Zirconia Round Pendant - £20

Dainty and sparkly this pendant comes on a 16-18" extendable chain. For only £20 you are getting a beautiful keepsake pendant. It's plain and simple but stands out on the neck. It's definitely one of our favourite pieces and it has proven to be popular amongst our customers too -

6. Silver Flat Oval Hoop Earrings - £25

Although not exceptionally heavy at 2.4g these hoops are certainly something special. The flat oval design gives a sophisticated and edgy feel to them. You are getting value for your money with the amount of silver in them and they are really a beautiful pair of hoops -

Remember that all of our Jewellery comes in a beautiful presentation box and we don't charge for postage. There is always someone happy to help with any questions or requirements that you have be it in the shop or online.