Silver bracelets: Charlotte Borgen Charms

Thu, 19/10/2017

Silver bracelets and silver bangles come in a huge range of styles and designs some very plain others highly elaborate. One growing fashion is charm bracelets, one reason for this is that individuals can create a unique piece of jewellery that can be personalised to suit you, they allow you to add charms on piece by piece so it can be done over time, one popular collection at Something Elegant is the Charlotte Borgen Designs.


Charlotte Borgen Design was founded in 2004, Charlotte is a Danish jewellery designer whose collection has only recently become available in the UK. Charlotte has produced a wide selection of crafted charms and decorated glass beads that are available in a range of colours. Charlotte’s aim is to present a huge selection of beads in a variety of colours and designs, so that you can easily make your own bracelet with your favourite colours. The beauty behind these charms is that you can wear your charms in a variety of combinations, constantly creating the new designs, thus becoming the designer of your own jewellery. All of her glass beads have a sterling silver core which a lot of the more affordable rivals do not.

Charlotte Borgen beads make a perfect gift, for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, which allows one to create jewellery gradually and change it whenever and however you like. Therefore, every single charm you’re given for a special occasion will have a special meaning, every time you look at your jewellery.

Charlotte Borgen beads and charms fit a range of other charm brands including Pandora, Chamilia and Trollbeads so if you already own a different brand bracelet you can still collect beads from this range and add them to your collection. At Something Elegant we have a number of different charm brands for you to choose from including Charlotte Borgen designs and nomination charms. If charm bracelets are not for you browse our selection of silver bracelets and silver bangles.

Silver bracelets: Charlotte Borgen Charms