Silver earrings: the simple elegance of studs

Fri, 26/10/2012

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Silver earrings can be amazingly intricate or elaborate, but they can also be stunningly simple. Silver studs in the shape of a heart or a flower may not be especially ostentatious designs, but they are pretty and would look perfect with a casual, low-key outfit. Star shaped studs are simple themselves, but they would complement a more extravagant necklace featuring stars.

Silver earrings can also be incredibly elegant; a pair of silver studs which feature a single stone can be just as effective, in terms of creating a style statement, as a much larger pair of chandelier earrings. A single stone will catch the light and sparkle beautifully; this makes single stone silver earrings the perfect choice when going out for a meal or to a sophisticated social occasion.

Silver earrings can give a subtle insight into your personal style without seeming inappropriate; this means that if you feel that the jewellery you normally wear wouldn’t quite be suitable for the office, you could stay true to your personal style by wearing a toned down version. Colourful jewellery could be reimagined as silver studs featuring a coloured stone or enamel, for example.

Ultimately, silver earrings are very versatile and the simple but chic silver stud shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to choosing what jewellery to wear.

When it comes to silver earrings, studs are often overlooked in favour of more elaborate styles, but they could well be an underrated style staple. There are many occasions when stud earrings can make a subtle statement about your personal style without overwhelming your outfit or appearing inappropriate, read on to find out more.