Silver Necklaces: It’s all about colour and sparkle

Fri, 12/10/2012

Best sellers and trend setters for this month

Silver necklaces displaying plenty of colour and sparkle look set to be popular over the coming months, just in time for the party season. Nothing could set off a party outfit more perfectly than a piece of jewellery which glitters as the light catches it, except, perhaps, a piece of jewellery which boasts bold and bright colours. With two trends to choose between you should be able to find the perfect piece of jewellery to accompany any outfit.

There are many ways to incorporate colour into your jewellery, including silver pendants with single stones, chains of beads or something more quirky like the rhodium plated sterling silver necklace pictured which features blue cubic zirconia. Whilst you may not be able to find silver necklaces which have gems that match your outfit exactly, you could always choose to wear opal or quartz which display subtle hints of many colours and would complement most clothes.

A silver necklace set with sparkly stones will always look stunning, what’s more, sparkly silver necklaces and silver earrings are a classic style which will never go out of fashion. You can use a sparkly necklace to pick out the design on the material of your party outfit; a silver necklace featuring a star would perfectly complement a dress made from starry fabric for example.

With two trends to pick between you are sure to find a piece of jewellery which will match your style. No matter whether you choose to go with silver necklaces that add a pop of colour or silver pendants that bring sparkle and glitter to your outfit, you are sure to look fabulous.