Tasty treats from Nomination

Fri, 25/08/2017

Food and drink: not a topic that's perhaps traditionally associated with jewellery, but certainly one that can provide quirky, eye-catching and special pieces.

Whether you enjoy a cup of coffee before work or are part of the current baking trend, you should definitely check out the Nomination charms that represent the world of culinary delights.

With Nomination, you can celebrate your love for the complex flavours of coffee with a charm bracelet featuring this coffee pot design.  

We always think that every charm in the Nomination range can have a range of meanings - and the eventual significance is all down to the person wearing it!

So while this could be a great gift for someone who loves their coffee, maybe it could also represent someone who's really energetic and bubbly!

The image on the charm shows the traditional stove-top coffee pot, often used by coffee fans to make their morning brew.

Meanwhile, either coffee or tea could be represented with this great gold cup charm.

From something usually served hot to an ice-cold treat, this ice cream cone charm is really making us hungry!

The colours used here really help bring the seaside favourite to life, in a charm that could represent sweetness, special occasions or fun, as well as a love of ice cream, of course!

Fruit is also well represented in the Nomination range, take this slice of vibrantly coloured watermelon! And there's also a zesty looking lemon, complete with a deep green leaf, among the other fruit bowl favourites in the range.

Fruits also feature on a range of drop charms from Nomination, like this shiny red apple.

If you wanted to, you could create a whole Nomination bracelet design simply using drop charms, though you might well prefer to take advantage of the greater variety offered by using the whole range of compatible charms for your bracelet.

Tasty treats from Nomination
Tasty treats from Nomination