Thank you Dad. Father's Day June 21st

Thu, 18/06/2015

Don't forget to say thank you to Dad this Sunday, 21st June. Father's Day is your chance to give something back.

A simple act can mean so much, it's the thought that counts afterall. How about cleaning the car that he ferries you around in and jokingly refers to as 'Dad's Taxi'? Don't forget the card...that would be awkward.

If you're not living at home or just happen to be away you can always send him a little something. That's where we can help. A lovely pair of cufflinks from Fred Bennett or a piece from the Italian made Nomination men's ranges are sure to go down well.

Even a simple gesture like making him a cuppa he's not expecting...whilst fixing your bike for the 10th sure to bring a smile to his face.

Above all else, enjoy the day if you're with your Dad!