Fri, 22/08/2014

Star signs are still hugely popular amongst jewellery designs; they make the perfect gift and represent a part of you. We have now stepped into the territory of Virgo and “when a Virgo shines, there is practically no sign to match their inner light.” Now there might not be somebody to match a Virgo but there most defiantly is Jewellery.

Some people believe that opting for a piece of jewellery designed around the birth sign is an easy option, a “play it safe”. However on a recent survey, women and even men have stated that they love receiving jewellery which has their sign on. Why? – Because every star sign has an insight into your personality and mantra. Virgos – for example – “Those born under Virgo are often considered picky; this is due to their attention to detail and desire to strive hard.” But don’t let that put you off choosing them a piece of Jewellery, to help you out here are 5 fail safe items that a Virgo would love:

  • Nomination Silver Virgo Bracelet –
  • This stunning silver bracelet is the perfect gift. Simple yet classy it makes a great everyday bracelet, but can still be dressed up for an evening out. Retailing at £70 it really is a special bracelet.

  • Amore Sapphire and Cubic Zirconia Circle Set
  • Sapphire is the birth stone for Virgo and this set is something out of the ordinary. Set in Rhodium Plated silver they require no cleaning and will stay as sparkly as when you first open them. Delicate and dainty and only a total cost of £215 this set makes the perfect gift.

    Necklace -

    Earrings -

  • Gold Nomination Virgo Charm
  • Whether the person you are buying a gift for has a Nomination bracelet or not, the Virgo charm is one of our most popular sellers. The Italian made composable charm bracelet has a selection of over 2,000 charms and makes the perfect gift and supplies you with gifts for the future! Made of Stainless Steel all of the charms are made with 18ct Gold, all handmade in Florence the bracelet has a certain charm about it. At £18 and the bracelet £11 Nomination is an affordable present for any occasion.

  • Endless Bracelet with Sapphire Heart Charm
  • The new brand on the block “Endless” is proving to be a hit across the world. With a range of coloured leather bracelets and silver, gold and rose gold charms you can really personalise your own bracelet. This Sapphire charm retails at £135 and this single black bracelet at £45.

    Bracelet -

    Charm -

  • Fred Bennet Silver Sapphire Cufflinks
  • These Silver and Sapphire Cufflinks make the perfect gift for any gent. Simple and smooth the cufflinks suit any shirt and any occasion. Retailing at £105 they make an affordable yet special gift.

    There are of course many other items that we offer which are designed around Virgo’s. Star Signs and birthstones will always be popular in Jewellery, without having to be obvious.