Find your leaf jewellery this Autumn

Mon, 20/10/2014

One of our favourite things about Autumn and in paticular October is the changing of the leaves. We adore the rich oranges and reds and the crispness of the pile of the leaves surrounding the trees, there is something very magical about it. Our window displays around this time of year are surrounded by falling leaves and the colours bring out the shine of our jewellery, making it twinkle even more than before.

This October our customers have shown their love of leaves through the "leaf" items that have been purchased. We have a vast selection of jewellery available in leaf designs. With Rose Gold and Gold Plated Silver being extremely popular this season our jewellery has been able to be more realistic with the colours. So let us show you our favourite leaf items and you can decide which is yours.

Our newest items to have arrived this month is the new "Ninfea" Collection from Nomination. All pieces are available in Silver, Rose Gold Plated Silver and Gold Plated Silver. With no extra cost with the plated options they are all affordable with the touch of luxury. The pictures don't quite do this collection justice. Delicate and detailed the items catch the light in the way that a real leaf does. The "leaf" pendant itself on all the items is mesmorising. Plain on the front with real leaf detail the edge of the pendant is decorated in a beautiful sparkle. The chains are so intricate and designed so that they sparkle at all times. Take a look for yourself and fall in love with the collection just as we have -

An item that has always been popular are the Sterling Silver Leaf Earrings. At a sensible length and comfy fit they are a must have for your jewellery box. Priced at only £18 the detail on the earrings is simply beautiful -

The best seller of the month so far has to go to the Muru Oak Leaf pendant. Once again using Sterling Silver, Rose Gold plated silver and gold plated silver Muru have created a beautiful leaf pendant. Priced at £50 the pendant makes a perfect gift or treat for yourself. Muru has only been getting more popular in the past year. With celebrities such as Pixie Lott and the MIC crew the brand have shown that you do not need diamonds to be popular with the rich and famous. Find all three pendants on the Muru category of our website, or for a look at the silver pendant follow this link -

For those looking for something special our White Gold and Diamond Leaf patterned Locket is the pick of the month. We tend to favour Silver over the precious metals but we adore this locket. At 14.4mm wide the locket is the perfect size to put the pictures of your loved ones inside. It sits comfortably and is a truly beautiful piece of jewellery. The beauty of the locket is reflected in the price at £402, however this is a locket that will not only last forever but become a hand me down in your family -

Our selection doesn't end there and by simply typing "leaf" into the search box on our website will take you to over 100 products, including Nomination Charms, Endless Charms and much more.

Celebrate Autumn in Style.