Wonderful music charms from Nomination

Fri, 28/07/2017

Lots of jewellery offers musicians the chance to show off their hobby or vocation, and Nomination charms are no different.

If you want to add a touch of the musical to a bracelet, for whatever reason, the option is there in a collection of fabulous music-themed charms from this exciting brand.

It could be that you play an instrument yourself or just love to hear other people's music - either way, why not capture that love with your bracelet?

It's a simple process: If you already have a Nomination bracelet, simply pick out a charm you like that is compatible and add it. If you don't yet have a bracelet, you can buy one to start your Nomination experience off on our website.

We can practically hear the sound of the beautiful guitar on show in this Classic range charm, for example. It's a simple and cute representation of the much-loved instrument.

Other instruments have also been captured in charms from Nomination. One of these is the saxophone. One thing we love about this charm is how cleverly it gives the impression that the saxophone (which will glint in the light anyway, given that it is gold) is catching the light all down its side.

Another great instrument in the range is this violin, and there's a brilliant trumpet included in the set, too.

Even if you don't play a particular instrument, you could perhaps use one to stand for your favourite musical genre - the guitar for folk, for example, or the saxophone for jazz.

The violin might give off a folk vibe, too, or show that you love classical music - it's up to you!

There are also various musical note Nomination charms available, such as this drop charm, decorated with gorgeous, glinting CZ.

Wonderful music charms from Nomination
Wonderful music charms from Nomination