Woof woof! Nomination charms for dog lovers

Fri, 26/05/2017

Dog lovers will be delighted by the variety of Nomination charms that celebrate their favourite animals!

Britain is famously a place where people are massive fans of our four legged friends.

And if you want to show off the fact that you're a dog owner - or someone who cares for canines - when you're out and about, a dog-themed Nomination bracelet is a great way to go. A dog charm or two can also help remind you of your dog, or the fact that you care for dogs.

Check out the Nomination dog charm selection on our site, which includes this delightfully cute little creature - an example of a Nomination drop charm.

These are a style of charm that each feature a glorious, dangling element that moves freely - a potentially great way to add a different feel to your Nomination bracelet.

The dog in this case is a sweet little scotty, presented in glorious gold.

There's a more detailed, realistic-looking image of a sausage dog's head seen in this charm. Just look at the way the dog's ear, nose, eye, and other details, have been presented.

This dog charm is available on our site in two varieties, one using black CZ and another white CZ. You could decide which to go for based on the colouring or markings on your own pet, for example.

Again, we stock two varieties of this dog charm, one with just pale markings, another with both pale and dark spots.

If you want to celebrate your own dog with a Nomination bracelet, you could even spell out their name with some of the letter charms available and wear it on your wrist!

Remember, you'll want a compatible bracelet to go with whatever Nomination charms you choose. You can order one on the product page whenever you choose to buy a charm from the range.

Woof woof! Nomination charms for dog lovers